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Top Lawn Maintenance Tasks You Should Have

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Every commercial property owner who wants a relaxing lawn works hard almost all year round just to ensure that the lawn stays immaculate and healthy. With a great-looking lawn, more and more clients can be enticed to visit the commercial space to have a relaxing stay before heading home.

Fortunately, property owners don’t have to do all the hard work on their own since there are commercial lawn care companies that offer professional services. These lawn care experts can take care of your lawn for you on an on-call or regular basis—whichever fits your budget and needs. They have the skilled manpower, proper tools and equipment, and supplies to handle every lawn maintenance task. You can have an Instagram-worthy lawn throughout the year.

Here are the various lawn care tasks that you should have:


Fertilizing the lawn is a critical task that should be done on every lawn to keep it healthy and lush. This is best done during the fall season for both warm-season and cold-season grass species. Through fertilization, grasses receive enough nutrients to stay in excellent health. Your lawn care contractor knows the right type of fertilizer to use based on the grass species to achieve the best results.

Trimming and pruning

These are two lawn maintenance tasks that are effective in keeping trees and shrubs healthy and aesthetically pleasing.

Trimming is suited for hedges and small shrubs and is done primarily to achieve optimum aesthetic boost. Shrubs and hedges must be trimmed at least two times a year to permeate light and moisture and to keep them in great health.

Pruning is normally done to trees and large shrubs. Pruning is also done to get rid of diseased, dead, and loose branches so that they won’t pose a threat to people and animals roaming around the yard. In the hands of a skillful lawn care specialist, the pruned trees and shrubs will grow better and take a nice shape, much like the ones we see in the Garden of Versailles.


Lawns must be regularly mown to keep the grasses healthy and great-looking. A professional lawn care service provider is adept at mowing lawns properly since there are recommended mowing heights depending on the grass species, as well as the specific time of year. For example, grass should not be cut too short in summer to prevent loss of nutrients. In autumn, grass must be mown a bit higher than normal.

Weed and pest control

Weed and pests are the two common hurdles to achieving a healthy lawn. The good news is that your lawn care company knows just how to address both issues. There are a variety of pesticides that can be used to control infestations without harming the environment. The same is true with weed control.


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Lawn aeration is another critical maintenance task that you should have to ensure its health. This process is simply creating small pockets on the lawn to allow air, nutrients, and water to seep in easily so that the grass gets optimum growth potential. Spike aerators and plug aerators are the two common aeration tools used for this purpose.

With a professional lawn care maintenance company working for you, you can surely enjoy a great-looking and lush lawn that will surely impress your customers.

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