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Safety Precautions to Observe at a Construction Site

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Working in a construction site comes with various risks for both contractors and labor personnel involved. It’s therefore important to understand the safety measures you must employ daily to minimize such challenges while on site.

The Occupational Safety and Health Organization is the body responsible for enforcing safety regulations in the workplace such as construction sites. Every year, OSHA releases a list of what it considers the most serious and frequent violations. The information can help companies make sure that they implement what OSHA believes is right when it comes to safety in construction sites.

Which Machines Are Used in a Construction Site?

In the initial stages, construction sites mainly involve earthmoving machines such as bulldozers, excavators, diggers, graders, and more. These heavy transport machines are often bulky and require skills to operate and maintain. From the companies dealing in such machines as used diggers for sale, you can get tips regarding their operation, maintenance, and even storage.

But first, personal safety is of most importance at a construction site. Each construction site should have an adequate supply of personal protective equipment (PPE) for people working on-site and personnel who might visit the site occasionally. Personal protective equipment (PPE) fall into two categories:

Minimum Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Additional Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

The following are some of the minimum PPE requirements that a construction sit  should observe:

Hardhat or helmet: Each personnel working at a construction site should have this protective gear. The workers have to wear it at all times within the worksite.

Safety glasses: These are necessary when working in a construction site to prevent debris and dust from getting into the eyes.

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Hand protection gloves: This safety garment is given to all workers to protect against cuts when they handle materials or other equipment. They also come in handy during cleaning operations or cutting activities.

Safety vests: Also known as visibility shirts, these vests are meant to keep a person in clear view at all times, even in the dark. Safety vests are available in different colours including green, red, yellow, or green. They make it easier for workers to see and locate each other at all times.

Proper clothing: Additionally, workers in a construction site should be in long pants, shirts, hard-sole shoes, or 6-inch high boots.

Additional PPE at Construction Sites

Hearing protection: Hearing protection is necessary for workers handling particular machines such as compactors, rollers, and any other equipment that produces very loud noises.

Respiratory protection: Each construction site should have dust masks as part of its voluntary respiration protection policy. The masks are necessary for workers dealing with fibreglass, cleaning floors, debris, or fireproofing.

Face shields: A full-face shield goes together with safety glasses especially for those working in high debris areas. This equipment is also ideal when operating a grinder, welding machine, or any other machine that produces sparks. For welders, an additional welding shield is compulsory during all of their operations.

In addition, construction sites should have a safety harness. This equipment serves as a protection system to keep workers safe while hanging from heights while working. Also worthy to note is that construction sites must have efficient material storage and handling.

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