Employers clinking glasses together

Tips for a Successful Outdoor Company Event

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Employers clinking glasses together

Company events could help a lot in improving satisfaction, engagement and morale among participants, whether it is for employees or clients or a mix of both. Planning for indoor corporate events is one thing, but planning for outdoor events can be different and even more challenging. So, here are some of the things you should consider for your outdoor company event to be successful.


The venue and date


There might be no need to tell you to secure the venue and date, since you probably know the event would not happen without these. Though keep in mind that everything else will be planned around these, so you should secure these two first.


During your ocular inspection of the venue, consider asking about the weather conditions in the area, particularly on the date and time of your event. You must also locate the restrooms, activity area(s) and lodgings if participants are staying overnight. As you are decorating or setting up the venue, consider placing signage pointing to the directions of the restrooms, activity area(s) and/or lodgings if the venue does not have those signs already. Make sure to weatherproof the decor as well.


Depending on the venue selected, you might have to provide your own tents and seats. The tent should ideally bear the company name and logo. If your company does not have any, consider getting a tent from a customized tent supplier.




The activities you plan must stick with the theme for the event. Whether the event is for leisure, socializing or training, active participation is key in making your guests remember the event. It would be great to have them get up from their seats and interact with each other for them to stay excited throughout the event. If the event is for training, active learning is particularly effective for long-term retention.


Aside from relevant activities, you might also want to add some that are purely recreational to keep your participants engaged. You may even consider hiring a band to play during the event for entertainment.




Being adaptable to the weather is key in outdoor events and this also applies to the food. If you are hiring a caterer, make sure that they are experienced in working in all kinds of weather conditions and could provide equipment necessary to keep each food item in its ideal temperature. If you are bringing the food, keep the weather in mind too, and prepare utensils and equipment accordingly.


Safety precautions

4 friends with drinks while staying outdoors

An outdoor event might require stricter safety and security precautions as compared to indoor events, so having security and emergency medical providers would be ideal.


Also, let your participants know about the terrain (e.g. if the venue is grassy) and weather conditions in the venue so they can prepare and dress suitably. Look out for potential pests too, like mosquitoes, ants and bees. Whether or not you are hiring security and emergency medical services, you might want to bring your own first aid kit, medicines and emergency supplies for good measure.


Of course, fun is essential in the success of any event. Just chill and have fun once you have taken care of the preparations. Check on your participants as well and see to it that they’re having a good time. After all, the event is for all of you.



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