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Three Office Design Trends for the Modern Workforce

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Most of today’s office employees no longer want to be confined in the four corners of a cubicle to do their work. They long for workstations that are not too strict, formal and rigid. They value collaboration with colleagues and therefore, need the space for it.

With this demand comes the need for modern offices to adapt. Many corporate giants, such as Google and Facebook, have long transitioned from the formal office setting to the open-plan office layout, which is popular particularly among the millennial workforce.

If you have not redesigned your workspace yet, you might want to take a look at the latest trends in office design, which include having informal meeting spaces, breakout areas and smart furniture, among others. Know what your employees need so you know the areas you should improve on.

Have designated breakout areas

Relaxation spaces are now a necessity in most offices. These sections are meant not only to draw new talents but also to help further boost employees’ satisfaction levels. Breakout areas offer workers space and time to rest and relax even on a working day. It gives them an alternative environment where they can take short but meaningful breaks from all their tasks.

Some of the most common pieces of furniture that you can find in breakout areas are bean bags and sofas. You will also come across cross-departmental collaboration spaces in Melbourne offices that have customised office chairs meant for encouraging sharing of ideas between employees. These spaces let your employees breathe and reenergize before they go back to work.

Use technology to create smart furniture

As technological parks and areas operate differently, it is becoming necessary to record its population density. It is also best to check the area usage of companies. Companies are now finding ways to customise office desks with occupancy sensors in their location. Doing so helps them to keep track of the attendance per floor.

They use this information to create statistics for the company. Then, they use it for energy-saving decisions to make each area more energy efficient. The impact of this information can affect an employee’s productivity. It will also promote better collaboration among all the members of a team.

Promote a greener workplace

Office desk green

Having plants inside your home can bring a lot of benefits to you and your family. The same goes in the workplace. That is why a growing number of businesses are now promoting green workspaces in their offices. They build rooftop gardens, for instance, or use wood and bamboo as nature-based wall dividers.

Using nature in your office’s aesthetics can make employees feel calm, happier and even more creative. Some companies who have done extensive research about its benefits are also applying the idea beyond their gardens. They are using air-purifying plants in all their processes, too.

These are only a few of the trends in office design this year. Feel free to check out interior design magazines or websites to get more ideas on how you should redecorate your workplace for more productive and efficient employees.

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