The Importance of Medical Breathable Film

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This video will focus on the growing breathable film market and how multiple new uses have increased the need for these types of products. While other products like synthetic, rubber, acrylic, and silicone adhesives have been used in healthcare settings for many years, there are new products that are better used when pulse oximeter adhesive applications are crucial. The issue with the previous adhesives is they were not breathable and in certain cases, this is not ideal.

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Many medical scenarios are better treated with breathable adhesives than traditional adhesives. Some adhesives such as rubber can cause irritation and many are allergic to this type of adhesive.

With breathable adhesives, patients have more flexibility and the product can conform more easily and has a higher breathability factor than other adhesives. Many industries are opting for these types of breathable, low-cost polymer-based barriers. For instance, diapers, surgical garments, personal care products, and feminine hygiene products use these types of breathable film barriers.

They are also used in food product packaging, construction, and athletic clothing.
Today, we are seeing a heightened awareness of these products when a high level of protection against viral and blood-borne pathogens is important. We can expect to see an increase in these types of products shortly.


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