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Passion for Fashion: Business Dress Codes

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You’re probably familiar with the office attire ensembles of characters in old classic films where women wore sleek panty-hose and black heels that match their fitted skirts, while men wore hats, expensive watches, and large polished coats.

Fast forward to today, more workplaces are skipping the rules and going for a laidback dress code. However, this lack of rigid regulations doesn’t necessarily mean that you can wear anything you want. Of course, you don’t have to go for the classic dressy style, but you shouldn’t look like a random mall shopper either. To tell you the truth, the best outfit choice lies somewhere between corporate and casual. Still confused? Let’s get things straightened out.

A Good Leader was Once a Good Follower

Regardless if they’re lax or strict, companies have their own dress codes, and to be identified as part of the organisation, one must follow the rules.

For example, in a casual office setting, an employee may be allowed to wear shorts, but not ripped jeans. Or perhaps you’re allowed to wear practically any type of clothing, but the length is restricted. In line with that, responsible employees should know the rules and follow them.

Wear Well-Fitting, Office-Appropriate Clothes

Ensure that you wear clothes that fit your body properly. If you are wearing clothes that are too small or big, they simply won’t look good. Too tight can appear racy and too big can look sloppy.

For ladies, it’s recommended to avoid excessively short skirts or low plunging necklines and exposed undergarments. Yes, it’s 2019 and you can practically wear whatever you want, but dress properly and responsibly in an office setting.

As for men, you should make sure you neckties, coat sleeves, and work pants are of the appropriate length, and if needed, wear nice leather shoes to compliment the look.

After all, in the corporate world, it’s better to be remembered for what you said or how you perform as an employee rather than what you looked like and wore.

Avoid Strong Fragrances

Smelling nice all the time is not bad, but oversecretion of a strong fragrance is not good at all. Not only are intense scents distracting, for some, but they can also cause asthmatic and allergic reactions or even nauseous feelings in sensitive individuals.

Shoes Seal the Look

Did you know shoes play a vital role in your work-life success? Yes, they are in fact the first thing that recruiters and bosses first notice in every aspiring applicant and newly hired employees. Therefore, it’s important you keep them polished and in good form. Additionally, to avoid discomfort, women should avoid wearing excessively tall heels in the workplace.

Get a Mani and a Pedi

Both men and women should make sure that they keep their nails well-groomed and clean. You use your hands all the time so they are always exposed. Remember that your nails say a lot about your personal hygiene.

Use Accessories Wisely

woman wearing an earring

An accessory is meant to add flavour and colour to any outfit, not overwhelm it. It’s distracting when jewellery makes noises. Imagine wearing oversized necklaces or earrings — will you look pleasant and respectable?

As a member of the workforce and a contributing member of the society, you should remember that a business dress code doesn’t always equal to good style. You’re in a business setting, not a fashion show. You are free to add style and colours to your wardrobe, as it is an easy and fun way to exhibit your personality, but remember to retain a professional look.


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