How to Look and Sound like a Wine Connoisseur

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Have you ever been to a party where everyone is drinking wine and has something to say about the texture, smell, and taste of the concoction they’re drinking? And the only one who doesn’t have a clue as to what the other people are talking about is you? Well, don’t fret because you, too, can become a wine connoisseur or at least have a little bit of knowledge that you could even talk about winery wastewater treatment. So if you want to impress your posh friends next time, here are a few tips for increasing your knowledge of wine:

Watch some shows or movies about wine

If you have zero knowledge about wine and the thought of reading a whole online article on wine and winemaking is just too tedious and boring for you, then watch some shows or movies about wine. You can learn something without becoming bored. A wine newbie should watch the movie, Sideways, and the reality series, Oz and James’s Big Wine Adventure. Both are funny and surprisingly chock-full of information about wine. Also, if you watch Paul Giamatti’s movie, you can mimic his actions when he’s choosing and drinking wine, which will automatically uplift your image as a wine connoisseur.

Impress them with the wine list

If you’re out dining with your friends and the restaurant serves wine, you can impress them by looking at the wine list and claiming to know how restaurants organise their wine list. Remember that restaurants organise their wine list with the lightest at the top and the darkest at the bottom. If you want to appear that you know a little bit about wine, check out the wine list and ask your friends if they want something light or something dark. If someone asks for a dark red wine, suggest one from the lower part of the list. That will surely get your friends’ tongues wagging.

Know your terminology

drinking wine

It’s also important to know a little bit about wine terminology. When someone says that the wine you’re all drinking is “nicely balanced,” you don’t make the mistake of saying that perhaps the shape of the bottle has made it easy to balance. A wine that is “nicely balanced” means that all the elements in it—the acids, tannins, alcohol, and sugar—mesh well to produce a great-tasting wine.

There are several wine glossaries online, and you should spend a few minutes every day checking them out. Make it a habit to memorise at least three words a day. In no time, you’ll know more than that braggart you work with.

Match the wine to the occasion

Despite it being fairly common knowledge, some people still make the mistake of offering white wine when the meal they’re having is meat or offering red wine when the meal they’re having is fish. Just always remember that white wine is served with meals that are a little light on the tummy, such as chicken and fish. Red wine is served with heavier meals, such as lamb and beef. Also, if you’re going to serve wine for a group of people whom you might think have different tastes, then opt to buy wine that is not too sweet and acidic—just two bottles that are just right.

Check online wine reviews

Finally, you should also check out online wine reviews if you have the time. Know more about the various wines and how well they’re doing with food. Wine critics will surely give you that edge in discussions about wine the next time you get invited to a party.

You do not have to brag about your knowledge of wine at parties. But do not embarrass yourself by letting your friends know that you don’t know anything about it, either. There are ways you can impress your friends a little bit when it comes to wine.

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