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Lower Your Expenses by Keeping Your Equipment in Great Shape

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Keeping your heavy machinery in great shape is an incredible way to reduce your firm’s overheads. It means that you will spend less on expensive repairs and eliminate sudden equipment breakdowns that slow production.

Gleaning from truck body manufacturers in New Zealand, getting earth-moving machines is going to set you back a pretty penny. The cost notwithstanding, superior equipment is durable, less prone to breakdowns and will serve you for a long time. With proper usage and handling, you can get the most from such equipment and lower your operational costs.

Espouse Preventive Maintenance

You need a proactive approach to keep your heavy equipment in excellent condition and avoid unplanned downtime. Fluid analysis is a crucial component of the condition-based maintenance program. The process entails examining the particles in the fluids as well as the physical properties of the samples.

The samples yield information about the state of various components. Engine oils, transmission fluid and coolants are some of the commonly analysed fluids. Monitoring fluids let you capture crucial information that is critical to identifying the early warning signs. You can them take proactive measures to repair or replace a specific component. Component-based management complements the traditional maintenance approach based on operating hours or elapsed time. Making it part of your routine maintenance helps eliminate unplanned downtimes, schedule repairs and save on repair costs.

Keep on Top of Operator Training

For maximum productivity, most large machinery will have more than one operator. It’s in your best interest to ensure that each operator is equally skilled in handling the machines as it helps to avoid damages. As soon as you introduce a new piece of equipment, it’s imperative that you take the operators through training.

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New models often spot simple yet significant changes that can influence the productivity and longevity of the equipment. You should furnish each operator with a manual for quick reference and to ensure that their skills are up to date. If the manuals are complicated and hard to read, you can have them rewritten using everyday language for easy reference.

You need to be sure that your operators are capable of handling your expensive equipment as poor and rusty skills lead to breakdowns that will cost you a fortune to fix.

Single Source Your Equipment

Sticking with products from one or two reliable brands ensures that you have consistent maintenance practices and procedures. Your technicians will be more familiar with the range of equipment, which makes it easier to diagnose and repair them for any damages. It also means that you’ll never cease operations to take your entire crew for training when you upgrade to newer models.

In the end, proper maintenance is critical to getting the most from your heavy trucks and other earth-moving machinery. In other words, keeping them in top form not only increases their service life but also lowers the cost of maintenance. You get to escape the inconveniences that can result when equipment suddenly breaks down, bringing your entire operation to a grinding halt.

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