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Welcome to Lean and Green Business

This website is dedicated to introducing the concept of "lean and green" as well as the book "Creating a Lean and Green Business System: Techniques for Improving Profits and Sustainability". We provide free resources such as articles, videos and blogs on the topic. The content of this website are suitable for managers in both fields of continuous improvement and environmental sustainability. Researchers and students may also be interested in this content.

All proceeds of this website and related materials (such as books) are donated to charities.

Meet the Authors


Keivan is a lean thinker, public speaker and a well published author. He is also a Visiting Professor at the University of Buckingham. Hunter Lovins is a sustainability thought leader and the President of Natural Capitalism Solutions. Hunter has written hundreds of articles and 14 books including being a co-author of the international best selling title “Natural Capitalism”. Andy Wood is the CEO of Adnams PlC, a medium size brewery in the east of England. Andy is also the Chairman of the Local Enterprise Partnership for Norfolk and Suffolk and a Director of Adnams Bio Energy a joint venture between Adnams Plc and the Bio Group where food waste is turned into renewable energy. Prof. Peter Hines is the Co-Founder of the Lean Enterprise Research Centre at Cardiff Business School and an internationally recognised lean thinker.