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What You Need to Know Before Hiring a Foreclosure Attorney

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Foreclosure means a house which used to belong to the homeowner is now the property of a bank. Some homeowners fight foreclosure, and they hire lawyers to defend their case. Foreclosure defense attorneys can help a homeowner who is fighting foreclosure.

Who Needs to Hire a Foreclosure Attorney?

Homeowners who choose to keep their homes but are struggling can hire a foreclosure defense attorney. You’ll also need one if you have a valid defense against the foreclosure. Homeowners who have already decided to proceed with the foreclosure procedure don’t need a foreclosure defense attorney.

Should You Hire a Foreclosure Defense Attorney When You Have a Defense?

Hire a foreclosure defense attorney in Salt Lake City if you want to keep your home. You need the help of a professional to raise your ‘defense in court’. There are two times when you need the help of a foreclosure defense attorney; the first one is when you’re the one filing a lawsuit, and the second is when you’re the respondent against the lawsuit. Here are some instances when you need to hire a foreclosure defense attorney:

You can hire one when the foreclosing party neglected to proceed with foreclosure steps properly. This is because there are strict rules when going through the proceedings. This may depend on the state and must be followed for the case to push through.

You can also hire one when the foreclosing party doesn’t have standing. This means that they can’t prove they own your loan. A foreclosure defense attorney will help you justify your case.

A ‘serious error’ made on your account by the loan provider is also another reason. They can help you define hard-to-understand terms on your account. He can also get to the bottom of everything that has to do with your account.

Other Times You Should Hire a Foreclosure Defense Attorney

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You can also consider this option if you’re in the military. As a member of the military, you have ‘special protection against foreclosure’. You also have other rights under the Service Members Civil Relief Act (SMCRA). A foreclosure defense attorney will help you have a better understanding of your rights.

If you need help with any modification with your loan, this is also an option. This can happen when the bank is “dual tracking,” which means they’re pushing for both foreclosure and modification of loan processes at the same time. This is a legal violation that you need to consult with your attorney immediately.

How Foreclosure Defense Attorneys Can Help You

Knowing your rights can help you gain a better perspective of your home and the type of services you can get. A foreclosure defense attorney can recommend the next steps and the right action to take. Consulting and talking about your worries regarding your properties with an attorney will help make the process a lot smoother. Ask questions if you have any. Don’t be hesitant to discuss how you want to proceed and what you want to get out of the case with your potential foreclosure defense attorney.

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