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Ways to Handle the Death of a Colleague

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You spend a vast amount of time in the workplace, which means that you create special memories with your colleagues. That is why relationships with co-workers often become intense. Friendships breed out of the connections that you build. When a co-worker passes on, the event is likely to have an enormous impact on the colleagues.

The fact is that you will mourn the death of your colleague, whether you were close or not. You will feel a void that is difficult to fill. Every morning when you get to the office, their absence will remind you of their departure, and you might be overwhelmed by sadness. Death will affect everyone in the firm differently. Before hiring funeral-planning services, learn about these coping mechanisms:

Accept your reaction

Grief has various phases and shows up at different times. There is no set way of dealing with pain. Sometimes death can bring overwhelming feelings even when you did not relate strictly to the individual. Other times you might not feel very miserable even when you were overly friendly with the co-worker. The human brain works on associations, implying that one event can trigger the memory of other similar occurrences.

Take action

After the passing on of a colleague, your employer and other co-workers might not acknowledge the event right away. If you feel compelled to do something that you think will be helpful to the family of the bereaved or your colleagues, do not shy away from doing it. A simple idea such as buying a journal wherein everybody can write their feelings or helping with the funeral arrangements will go a long way.

Be kind to yourself

Death often brings up regretful feelings; you feel like you did not do enough to prevent the person’s passing on. Do not allow such thoughts to occupy your mind and make the process harder for you. Develop self-care strategies that will ease your grief. It can be as simple as eating healthily or going for a walk in the park.

Find help

support groupIf there is a support system in the workplace, you can choose to use it. If there isn’t, consider seeking support out of the confines of the office. It is advisable to go through this stage with the other colleagues so that no one lags. Holding a meeting and talk about your memories with the co-worker is a good starting point.

Understand that grief takes time

The loss of a colleague might stay in your mind for a long time. The memory might be triggered years after their death. Therefore, be patient and trust the healing process. There is no quick fix for coping with loss.

The death of anyone close to us leaves a permanent impact, and the loss of a co-worker is no exception. The relationships that you develop at work are usually stable because you see your co-workers every day. When a colleague dies, you ought to use these coping mechanisms to survive the pain. Remember that healing takes time, so, give yourself adequate time to grieve.

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