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The Biggest Advantages of Public Relations

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One of the most underutilized resources that companies have at their disposal is a public relations firm in Phoenix, AZ. With many focused firmly on the tried and true tenets of advertising, many are missing out on all that public relations (PR) has to offer.

If you’re looking to expand your bag of marketing tricks to enhance the success of your business, you should go for PR. Here are the biggest advantages of the medium that you need to be aware of and take into consideration.


The main problem with advertising is simply that people are aware that you’re selling them something. This tends to make them very wary when approaching consideration of your product and service because they expect you to be putting your best foot forward — what advertising doesn’t?

This comes with the unspoken understanding and feeling that you’re fudging claims a bit. Because PR is unsolicited and uncompensated exposure by mainstream media outlets, it comes off as being more trustworthy and credible.



Unlike advertising that tends to fire at a wider range with less chance of specificity, PR affords you a better means to reach a specific audience that you want to target. Because a reliable public relations firm will only source out their releases to publications that are relevant to you, you can count on reaching people who matter the most.

For instance, software companies can find their PR pieces in industry magazines, blogs, and publications while avoiding non-relevant industries—like gardening, for example.


If you’ve checked the price list for advertising on a billboard or even on websites, you know that it’s far from being affordable. PR sits firmly on the more affordable spectrum of things. The best firms craft pieces that are cross beneficial.

This means that they push for both your and the publication’s agenda and benefit. This lowers the costs substantially as opposed to getting ad space just for yourself. Considering the leads that are sure to be generated by the specificity of targeting, you are guaranteed a great return on your investment.


The great thing about PR is that it also helps to build the image of your company. While these efforts might not focus on a specific product or service, it can indirectly build positive rapport between you and your potential consumers.

If you’ll notice, there is a trend of people holding companies accountable for their actions. That’s why many tech firms have been in the news for allegedly utilizing near-slave labor in the crafting of their components and parts. With a good PR firm, you can build a positive image of yourself and establish critical trust with your audience.

Overall, PR is about presenting a side of you that most people don’t see. It’s about reflecting the values that your company holds dear into the real world to build trusting relationships with people who can be your customers. Additionally, it is an effective means to sell without coming off as being bland salespeople reading off a benefits list. If you aren’t leveraging PR yet, today is a great time to start.

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