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The Best Scraper in the Construction Industry

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There is a broad range of heavy machinery used in the construction, mining and property development industries. One of the key equipment for most construction projects is a scraper. This machine moves dirt around your construction site and aggregates it quickly. It is primarily used for levelling expansive land sections and digging. Scrapers are however only meant for use in open grounds where they can be operated at high speeds for fill and cut runs.

There are different scraper options a construction truck for hire company based in New Zealand will have in store for your project. All the scrappers, however, feature large rubber tyres which are often motorised to allow easy and quick movement around your job site. Here are the available types of construction scrapers in the market.

Single-Engine Wheeled Scrapers

These are the most popular scraper option since they are easy to use. A single-engine wheeled scraper comprises a bowl, an ejector which uses hydraulics to get rid of your load after moving it and an apron which drops over the load for transport. Thanks to the hydraulics, you can separately operate each of the components of this scraper thus making it an extremely versatile machine.

Dual-Engine Wheeled Scrapers

These are an appropriate choice if you are hauling loads over a short distance. The scraper comes with two engines. One of them powers the rear wheels while the other controls the scraper’s front wheels. A dual-engine wheeled scraper can also perfectly fit fill and narrow cut areas on construction sites. Dual and single-engine wheel scrapers are at times called open bowl scrapers.

Elevating Scrapers

a construction scraper
Unlike the wheeled scrapers, an elevating scraper has an electrically or hydraulically-driven elevator rather than an apron. This elevator will load the construction materials into your raised bowl. The bowl then dumps the load by sliding its floor backwards. The elevator of an elevating scraper can be reversed to completely and evenly finish the dumping of your load.

Pull-Type Scrapers

These are non-motorized scrapers which are the smallest ones on the market. Pull-type scrapers are towed behind other heavy machines on your construction site since they do not have driving mechanisms like other scrapers. This way, they have the advantage of being used in soft, sandy and wet conditions, unlike other scraper types which can get stuck in the messy terrain. Pull-type scrapers are hence your go-to option when handling a construction project in springtime or rainy weather.

The machinery you use for your construction will be among the most significant determinants of your project’s completion on time and within budget. Making the best equipment choice is essential, especially for any company that wants to save on money and time. The above scrapers generally require a bulldozer to keep them in an upright position. It is therefore prudent to get a construction equipment company that stocks a broad range of machines rather than concentrating on one.

This way, you can rent all your construction equipment from one company and benefit from discounted prices. Heavy machinery rentals rather than purchases also allow you to access the latest innovation in the industry and are the cost-efficient solution.

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