Professional lawn maintenance

Priorities for Lawn Care Franchise Startups to Establish a Strong Local Presence

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The good news is you can hope to increase your income by offering gardening work, lawn care, tree services and the like. Initially, there is not much needed for a typical lawn service franchise to kick off. You can worry later about financing for hauling or storage equipment. A commercial grade lawn mower, a glass blower, trimmers, rakes, pest control products and recommended work gloves should be enough at first. If you can raise money for a small truck, then you’re in a good place with the capacity to offer a wide range of services.

Commercial Versus Residential Services

Operating a lawn care business requires establishing the scope of services at the outset. Additional licenses may be required when you add more services, but you can look into that afterward. When you are formulating a business plan be prepared with a definite answer to an important question: Would you be serving homes, or would you offer your services to commercial establishment exclusively?

Decide now before looking for a supplier of lawn care materials. Commercial lawn care is a totally different animal, according to franchise and landscaping consultants. To reiterate, it is costly to provide residential and commercial services at the same time. The switch could entail logistical requirements beyond your capacity as a small startup. Learn more about the pros and cons of each service orientation before making the choice.

A Risky Business

It may be true that offering landscaping and gardening services can be a stable source of livelihood. However, there are aspects of the business that may put your investment at risk. For example, in certain areas, clients could not be expected to pay for your services year-round. Seasonal work would not bring in as much revenue compared to a year-round stint. Moreover, the local market may be saturated and the competition already so intense when your brand makes a grand entrance. Starting out is always a risky business with no guarantee for success. A fledgling entrepreneur hoping to carve a niche in the lawn care franchise industry must have the constitution to face all these risks.

Give Them What They Deserve

Professional lawn maintenance

One of the first tasks requiring your attention is finding clients to whom you’d become an effective and loyal service provider. Establishing a client base should be a priority. Loyalty begets loyalty. You will garner a reward for your dedication.

Since there is no other area of business you want to invest in, take the necessary steps so that the services you offer are affordable and of the highest quality. Give everyone in the community the opportunity to avail of yard care services— and benefit from the best possible results. Show them that they can count on you for grass cutting, contemporary landscaping, and orchard care. Do your best, every time, because your clients deserve no less.

Managing an enterprise is no piece of cake. Rather, it requires hard work and vigilance. After a few years perhaps you can relax a bit and enjoy the fruits of your labor. While starting out you have to be prepared to do everything to satisfy the requirements of your clients.

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