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Post-pandemic Marketing: Strategies to Earn Your Consumers’ Trust

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As more and more people get vaccinated for COVID-19, many businesses begin to prep for the post-pandemic world. Some consumers will likely go back to their pre-pandemic buying routines. Others will likely stick to what they’ve been doing during the pandemic, maximizing the benefits of online shopping. Besides these different buying behaviors, businesses should take two more things into account—trust and reliability. People who have been through a global crisis are more likely to be mindful of their actions, including when picking the right contractors or choosing items that will bring more value for their money.

So what does it mean for your brand? Should you revisit your digital marketing strategies? How can your brand champion trust and reliability today while taking the post-pandemic era into consideration?

Here are some digital marketing tips and strategies that can give long-term benefits to your brand.

Start by knowing more about your audience today

It is smart to overhaul your communication and marketing strategy to prepare for the post-pandemic era. But before you rethink your newsletters or scrap your content calendar, know more about your audience. As mentioned, buying trends and behaviors will likely vary after the pandemic ends. So it is crucial that you have an idea about what your existing customers and target buyers will do and prefer when that time comes. You can achieve that by connecting with your audience today with a well-thought-out survey.

In that survey, you can list questions about your audience’s current priorities, goals, and pain points. You can also allot a questionnaire that is specifically about their possible buying methods and preferences once going out becomes normal again. Make sure the survey is easy and convenient to answer. Keep some questions open-ended to get more information about your customers. You can send the survey through email or your brand’s social media accounts or include it in a pop-up message on your website.

With a survey, you can capture golden nuggets of information, which can help you rethink your strategies to serve your existing and future customers better.

Convey trust and reliability through compassionate messaging

Though there are businesses that have closed shop during the pandemic, many have shown their resilience. Some mom-and-pop shops were able to adapt to the boom of online shopping. Health and wellness franchise businesses have become more popular due to people’s desire to stay healthy amid a pandemic. But there’s another reason some brands have been able to stay afloat, and that’s compassion.

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Airbnb, a company that was greatly affected by travel bans here and there, is a great example. It has empowered hosts and guests to make smart and safe choices through compassionate blogs and features on the Airbnb platform. It offered tips on how to reassure guests by offering self-check-in or setting a temporary cancellation policy. The company also encouraged hosting longer stays to accommodate guests who want to take a breather from the crisis or need a change in scenery as they work remotely. These helpful tips and features can be easy to access through the company website and newsletters.

Staying compassionate in their messaging bodes well for Airbnb. Last February 2021, the company reported that new Airbnb hosts have earned $1 billion since the COVID-19 pandemic began. More people turned to Airbnb hosting to get extra income, and they have become successful, thanks to the company’s continued support and compassion for both hosts and guests.

You can mimic what Airbnb has achieved by treating both consumers and employees with compassion—and make sure to show that through your website, newsletter, and social media posts. Even as consumers change their spending habits in the post-pandemic world, they will continue to trust and rely on brands that have shown compassion not only to their consumers but also to their employees.

Connect with your audience through engaging but empathetic content

It’s no secret that engaging content can bring enormous attention to your brand and offerings. But it’s also no secret that the COVID-19 pandemic has given the world a collective trauma. So as you plan for your post-pandemic marketing, keep in mind to balance creativity with sensitivity. Keeping an inspirational or helpful tone is a safe bet. But being serious doesn’t mean being somber all the time. You can still make light of the situation; just make sure to know the difference between being witty and totally dismissive of the situation. Be fun and interactive on social media but don’t lose the empathy just to go viral.

Even after the pandemic ends, the world will continue to feel the emotional impact of coronavirus. So every marketing strategy you employ must take that into consideration. By knowing your audience’s current (and future) desires and pain points and staying compassionate while engaging, you can gain your customers’ trust. You can be (or remain) reliable for them now and as the pandemic ends.

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