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Owning a Pet Cat: Factors You Should Consider

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Some people want to get a cat for different reasons. Some want a cuddle buddy, and some want a low-maintenance pet. Yes, a cat is that kind of pet that is independent enough to clean itself and knows where to take a dump. There is no wonder people are more than happy to be adopting a cat. Some cats even spend more time outdoors, don’t want too much human interaction, and only go home to eat and sleep.

If these things appeal to you, this article is for you. You must understand that there are necessary things you need to do before you get everything perfect. That can range from finding the perfect cat that will bond with you, understanding its traits and quirks, and finding vet services and tick control professionals. You also have to be ready for the cost of being a cat parent.

This article can tell you what you should expect when you choose a cat or when a cat chooses you to be its hooman.

Taking care of cats

There might be a good historical reason why cats were depicted as gods in Ancient Egypt. Pet cats are graceful and relatively low maintenance compared to others that requires training, physical activities, and even regular grooming. Nevertheless, they do require care, as well as some pet cats need even more treatment than others.

Is lifestyle quite hectic or slow-paced and chill? Pet cats can match any life you might be living easier than dogs will. Cats are pretty independent. You can even leave them alone in the house to run your errands; you don’t have to hire a sitter. That is why they are chosen by those with hectic and stressful lifestyles who want some companionship at home.

Before deciding to adopt a cat, ask yourself what do want?

If you’re the sort of individual that wants to be clingy with your cat and have it communicate with you, you might be frustrated with a shy cat that runs and hides whenever it hears movement. If you have no energy and time to work with a shy cat, you should choose one of the pedigrees that can be more interactive and clingy to humans. However, this cat can still end up being a concern when you are out of work or you are on vacation.

Furthermore, cats need to be aware of their environment to relax and lighten up, or they become stressed out most of the time. Cats have predator instincts, and they do not like too much commotion. However, some are sociable who want to be surrounded by people at home.

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How much will it cost to be a cat parent?

If you are getting a pedigree and high-maintenance cat, then the price of being its parent is also high. These cats normally need to be vaccinated, chipped, groomed, and even neutered. If you adopt a cat from a rescue center, they may even request an adoption fee. It is for all the resources they have spent taking care of these animals for the society. However, the good thing is that you don’t have to worry about taking care of these precautionary methods for your pet cat. Animals from your close friends, colleagues, or neighbors don’t typically come neutered or immunized, dewormed, treated for ticks, and it will be you who gets everything done.

Sterilizing is a one-off cost, but several vaccinations will be for the kitten to be safe from feline diseases. There are follow-up check-ups to protect it throughout its life (every requirement relies on the cat’s lifestyle and what your veterinarian can suggest for your pet). Moreover, you have to think about pet food, precautionary health care, pest management, deworming, litter and clutter tray, toys, and grooming services if you choose a long-haired cat. Lastly, there is microchipping to make sure you find your cat if ever it goes missing.

Owning a cat is different from owning a dog, so if you have been a dog person all your life, there will be some adjustments. Although cats are independent creatures, they are filled with curiosity, wits, and grace. They can make you laugh with their quirks, they can make you feel loved with their sweetness, and most of all, they are loyal.

Being a fur parent is never easy, but being a cat parent is something else. Like taking care of any pet, it has its perks and drawbacks. If you feel like you’re up to the challenge, let a cat in and see how it can change your life.

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