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Changes in Logistics and Transportation During Pandemic

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Although they are essentially one of the backbones that keeps the globalized world connected, transportation and logistics are not given as much emphasis as they should. Without them, the modern world would probably fall into disarray, and seamless living is going to be nearly impossible to achieve.

It is an essential component for society to function, but we hardly give a thought about what it would be like if it were not there. A world without them is unimaginable.

But what are these two exactly? First, transportation is all about moving people, animals, perhaps even things from one point to another. Moving them comes in different forms means; it can be by land, water, or even air. Logistics is different from transportation, but it is easy for some to confuse both because they deal with moving things around.

According to the CSCMP, logistics is defined as a part of the management of a supply chain that ensures an efficient way of handling the flow of storage of goods and services. Part of what logistics does is ensuring that these services and products are carried out from one point to the other until the designated recipient of such services is reached. Everything in between that point is handled by the logistics company.
Simply put, logistics deals with managing and procuring materials and ensuring that these things, whether they are products or services, need to arrive at the right customer in exact quantities. If we are going to compare the two, transportation is just a part of logistics. They are not the same, although there are some ways that they overlap. Managing logistics is not as easy as it looks. A lot must be considered like storage and warehousing and, of course, transportation.

With that, it is apparent how other businesses are also intertwined with logistics, such as shipping, trucking businesses, third-party delivery, and even tech (through apps). Moving things to the right places at the right time is challenging. For example, huge materials must be transported through cargo ships must be scaled using industrial truck scales. These are important to gauge the capacity of the ships. Basically, doing logistics is not as simple as delivering one product to another. There must be management and partnership with a lot of other industries involved.

Changes in the Time of Pandemic

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COVID-19 pandemic was an unprecedented event in modern history. It has drastically changed the way we lived and how society works. For the first time, people’s mobility had been halted, and they had to consider the public health protocols. Social distancing wearing masks, and staying at home had been the ongoing norm for most of the world as the pandemic ravages on.

What is the effect of the pandemic on transportation and logistics?

In some ways, there had been some good effect to this uncertain time. After all, it is in the times of challenges that innovation flourishes.  There had been definite changes when it comes to how we acquire our goods and commodity. For example, tech and e-commerce industries are keeping things afloat for many people during this time. It cannot be denied how they had been impactful in the last year. And because of that, delivery services and logistics had also been afloat.

Even some people took this as an opportunity. They worked in logistics and third-party delivery services as couriers. Without them, it would probably have been a nightmare for most people who had coped in the pandemic through online selling or purchasing.

Health and protection are the most important thing that must be considered during this time. For transportation and logistics, a lot of companies prioritized their drivers. Their health is vital and important. Heightened security measures were put into place following the health precautions guidelines. Such precautions will possibly remain for an indefinite period.

When it comes to the effect on the economy, many stakeholders and experts in the industry have stated that the pandemic had exponentially slowed down the growth of the logistics and transportation industry.

For transportation industries, work from home set up had also greatly affected the people’s need for transportation. The general quarantine order and other similar strict lockdowns imposed locally have affected tourism and the aviation industry. Among all sectors, the aviation sector was hit the hardest by the ongoing pandemic.

The pandemic had perhaps made a point of the importance and interconnectivity of everything we do in society. Logistics and transportation are an important part of our society for it to function seamlessly.

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