How to Keep an Eye on Company Property

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Running a business requires acquiring different equipment, whether it’s a printer for the office or heavy machinery for the manufacturing plant. These purchases can be very expensive. Moreover, without them, operations of the business will halt. That is why companies want to take care of their equipment and ensure that it is properly maintained, to avoid costly repairs or replacements.

But sometimes, there are people who infiltrate the company with the intention to steal. Employee theft is still a common problem.

That is why it’s important to keep an eye on company property. Here are different strategies that could help you achieve that without having to install sophisticated surveillance systems.

Install GPS

GPS is a reliable and efficient way of monitoring company property. It can be installed on every piece of equipment that you want to monitor and is even recommended for vehicles, such as trucks or forklifts.

The system transmits location data to a central computer that logs the details. The more often it sends these updates, the more precise is the location. Using the technology, you can even pinpoint the exact location in case of an emergency.

GPS is an additional expense, but they are quite affordable. You may even get the device at a lower cost by purchasing GPS directly from a supplier in bulk.

Install Webcams


Webcams can be connected through a computer network to allow for remote viewing anytime and anywhere. The devices are easy to install and maintain because they feed data directly into a hard drive or server.

Many homes already have cameras installed in different areas of their properties. It is a good idea to do the same for business establishments and use them as deterrents for crime or theft.

These devices can be set up in different areas of the company’s property. For example, you can install one in your lobby near the security guard’s desk; this way, an employee will not only be able to check on visitors entering the premises but also monitor who is entering and leaving the garage or parking lot.

Webcams can also be used in conjunction with GPS to determine the actual location of the device.

Install Motion Detectors

If you want an even easier and cheaper way of monitoring your property, then motion detectors can be one option that you should consider. The devices are inexpensive and user-friendly because they will send alerts when something happens.  If it detects movement, it sends a signal to a central computer that will log the time and coordinates of where the movement came from.

It can be perfect for small businesses with limited budgets, but it is recommended only if you are using them on stationary items because they may not work on larger objects or vehicles.

Record and Regularly Review Equipment

If you have a log of all the equipment that the company has, it will be easy to identify when something is missing. That is why it’s important to record everything that you have.

Keep a list of all equipment with pictures, serial numbers, date of purchase, and place the items were bought. This will help if your insurance company needs this information or in case an employee tries to steal one of your properties.

Every three months is recommended that you do a physical check on the company’s equipment just to make sure nothing has been tampered with or is missing. This way, you can avoid being surprised by an incident.

These are some ways how you can properly monitor company property without spending too much. It may seem like a bothersome process now but if something happens, then having this system in place would be worth it.

Be Careful Who You Hire

Just like when you are looking for the right home, it’s important that you hire people who are reliable and trustworthy. This is even more critical in multi-million dollar companies where every penny counts.

There are many ways to determine if an applicant is really qualified or not. The usual way is through background checks which can tell you past work experiences and qualifications.

You should also have a face-to-face interview with them so you can assess their personality and attitude towards other people. In this way, you’ll be able to see if they will fit into your team or company culture. You should also pay attention to how they answer questions so you can know if they have what it takes — honesty and integrity — qualities that everyone needs to possess.

Businesses need to have the right security measures in place to protect their properties. This is why it’s important that you invest in GPS, webcams, or motion detectors. You should also hire reliable employees and make sure to conduct background checks and periodic physical checks on company property just to ensure that everything is in order.

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