Green, Green Grass: Lawn Maintenance During Fall and Winter

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As a property owner, we all know that summer can take a toll on our lawns. It can bring a couple of issues, such as pesky insects, increased foot traffic on your grass, and different diseases, which can then ruin your property’s curb appeal, as well as its overall condition.

However, it is not only the summer that you have to worry about. Fall and winter can also harm your lawn, which is why it is also important to keep it maintained during these seasons. Here, we will give you a few lawn maintenance tips and when you should actually call for commercial landscaping services in Clermont.

Get Rid of the Leaves

Clear out the leaves to make sure that your lawn is getting the right amount of sunlight and moisture. This will also make your lawn look clean and aesthetically pleasing, which is what you want and need, especially if you are taking care of a commercial lawn. Additionally, leaving the leaves on the lawn for a long time can result in dead spots, which can encourage weed growth during springtime.

Speaking of weeds, make sure to keep them maintained, especially during the fall, as weeds absorb all that they can during this season.

Move Your Watering Schedule

Rain (and snow) might be a little bit more frequent during fall and winter. Thus, you should adjust your watering schedule to make sure that your plants will get an ample amount of water, but not too much of it. Continue to water your lawn, but install a rain gauge to help you keep track of how much water you should be giving your lawn. Lawns need about an inch of water each week to be properly maintained, so take good note of that.

Keep Your Soil Properly Aerated

someone cutting grass in the lawn

The best time to aerate your lawn is during fall, as this loosens the compacted soil, which will then help your grassroots receive the oxygen, fertilizer, and water that it needs. Remember not to do this during springtime, as soil aeration during that season will only encourage and increase weed growth, which you would not want, especially if you are trying to maintain a commercial lawn.

Spread Seeds and Feed Your Lawn

Have your lawn maintenance team apply a slow-release fertilizer to your grass, as doing so will help provide essential nutrients for your grass to grow deep roots. This will also help build strength for the chilly and winter months, but make sure to fertilize during the perfect time to encourage deep root growth.

Fall and winter would also be the best seasons to spread seeds all over your lawn, as this will encourage growth during the springtime. Spread them evenly, and see to it that the blad and bare spots on your lawn are all covered.

If you do not have the time to do all of these, then enlist the help of a professional landscaping team instead. They would know what to do and how to take good care of your lawn during the different seasons, so go ahead and leave the job to them.

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