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Eco-conscious Moves You Can Make for Your Car Dealership

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Going green is easier said than done for many industries. Some businesses can afford to have a Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification, but how about smaller industries? Can car dealerships also join the move with their small eco-conscious changes?

It is also highly possible to incorporate environmentally friendly practices in the daily operations of the business.

It is common knowledge that dealership service departments can use toxic chemicals while working on vehicles and cleaning up. Switching to greener practices and products will help boost the business. This is because more customers are seeking out companies with eco-friendly practices and those that use green products.

Here are small moves that you can make to turn your car dealership business greener and earth-friendlier and win more clients along the way.

Encourage Recycling, Reusing, and Repurposing

Install multiple recycling bins in each department of the car dealership to make it easier and faster for both employees and customers. These practices are not just applicable to papers and plastics. There are plenty of items that can be reused in your daily operations, which will greatly reduce your waste. Conduct contests in each department to bring out creativity among employees on how they can repurpose old and unused items such as office chairs, bins, brush, or anything they can create.

For things that you cannot easily recycle, like antifreeze, batteries, and engine oil, contact the nearest Environmental Protection Agency to comply with the most environmental-friendly means of disposing of them.

Buy Items in Bulk

Buy in bulk when it comes to office supplies, vehicle maintenance supplies, and other things you need to run your business. It is not only environmentally friendly; it is also cheaper and reduces freight costs.

 Switch to Energy-efficient Lighting

A lot of car dealerships have already upgraded their lighting to greener bulbs and light fixtures. There are still those that use T12 bulbs, and if you are one of those, you should soon make the switch. The government has already ordered a stoppage on the manufacture of the T12 bulbs. Thus, it will no longer be available in the future. Considering the minimal difference in the cost of using energy-efficient bulbs, it will not be long before your dealership earns back the cost of the switch. Likewise, make it the norm in your company to turn off lights and equipment when they are not used to save energy.

Opt for Products Made from Recycled Material

Offices and even car dealerships use everyday items which can be made of recycled items. Make a move to a greener dealership by patronizing recycled products. Some of these include office supplies, containers, shelves, car liners, garbage bags, and vehicle parts or accessories.

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Partner with Other Companies That Care About the Environment

A company or business can never run without the support of partners and suppliers. If you’re serious about championing the environment, make sure that you work closely with other companies that share your vision. For example, you can partner with sustainable cleaning companies that don’t use harsh chemicals, vegan food suppliers for your pantry, and more.

In fact, you can even hire eco-friendly and green-conscious firms. Visit websites such as to look for these kinds of firms. They offer environmental liability insurance so that you can be protected against damages and costs of environmental cleanups.

Use Vegetable Oils as Lubricants

Instead of using petroleum-based fluids for hydraulic lifts, you can use vegetable oils instead. This shift for a greener business requires little effort or extra costs. The impact is purely an environmentally-friendly move. Likewise, vegetable oil is biodegradable. There will be no cleanup expense in case there is a leak. And it is also as effective as those less-green alternatives.

Use Eco-friendly Building Materials

In case of renovations or if you are planning to expand the buildings of your dealership, consider using eco-friendly building materials. Find a company that practices and uses eco-friendly materials which are less expensive but durable.

Shift to Non-toxic Cleaners, Paint, Etc.

If possible, shift to non-toxic cleaners, degreasers, or paint in your service department. There are water-based paints which are excellent alternatives to solvent-based coats and paints. These options also offer vibrant colors and meet all standards. There are also available non-toxic versions of the cleaners and degreasers that are commonly used in car dealerships.

Use Solar Power

Many companies are now enjoying the benefits of using solar power in their businesses. Your car dealership can also take advantage of the savings in energy costs and the shift towards an eco-friendly energy source. You can start small by installing a few panels to power up portions of your business and still save hundreds on your monthly electric bill.

When thinking about green industries, car dealerships are not the first thing that comes to mind. Some would even wonder if it’s possible to implement eco-friendly practices in this line of business. But these businesses can be green as any other company can be. The green dealership is becoming a trend now, and it is easy to adopt practices that can help save the environment and benefit from the savings. Although some business owners are hesitant to make the switch, they realize that it offers them better savings and a good reputation for eco-friendly customers.

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