Debunking Myths on Bail Bonds

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Laws are critical to enhancing law and order in a state or country. Another aim of state laws is to protect citizens from potential harm from law offenders. Failure to observe these laws cause individuals to get arrested from police officers and end up behind bars. Life behind bars is tough, and anyone who finds themselves there tries their best to get out as soon as they can. Thankfully, a convicted individual can contact a bondsman in Raleigh, North Carolina, such as one from Absolute Bail Bonds, Inc., to help them walk out of jail and enjoy freedom once again. Although many people have a clue about what the process is like, there are still some myths that could hinder individuals from true freedom. Here are some of the common myths around bail:

The Payment Must Be Cash

Cash is usually the most common acceptable method of payment for bonds. However, it is not the only mode of payment. Bail bonds companies accept other forms of payment such as credit and debit. If you cannot access cash at the moment, you can obtain funding by placing collateral such as land or a vehicle.

The Bondsman Adjusts the Bail

It is the judge’s responsibility to set the bail amount, and therefore, the bondsman has little to do with it. Some individuals will try to negotiate the amount with the agent due to a lack of know-how. Some of the factors that determine the amount of bail include the crime in question and criminal history.

You Are Free After the Payment

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Paying the set bail amount will restore your freedom in the sense that you can leave the jail premises. Nevertheless, you’re not legally free. There are some obligations that you should meet. For instance, you need to follow and attend court hearings on the set date. Failure to meet these legal obligations will land you in more problems.

Anyone Can Obtain Bail

Bondsmen can help with paying the required amount of bail. However, they are not responsible for guaranteeing your freedom. After you are in jail, a judge will listen to your case and determine whether you are worthy of bail. Some crime offenses are serious, and the judge can deny the convicted individual bail. In such a scenario, the bail bondsman cannot help you in any way.

The Service Fees Are Refundable

More often, people confuse service fees with the bail amount. The bail amount helps you get out of jail, while the service fees are the charges of obtaining the service from a bondsman. The bail amount is refundable when you attend your court hearings. Also, you ought to have paid the full amount of money either in cash or in the form of checks. If you fail to meet the two conditions, you cannot obtain a refund of the full bail amount. Service fees, on the other hand, are non-refundable due to the nature of the charges.

If you know anybody who needs bail for fast release, refer them to a bondsman. The bondsman is willing to help individuals in need of bail money. Even then, it is important to understand what bail bonds are all about before starting the process of obtaining bail.

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