Debunked! 4 Myths About Home Baking Business That Are So Not True

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While most of the world was under lockdown, one of the top trending things people did was take to the kitchen and bake or cook up a storm. According to USA Today, one of the most purchased items during the quarantine season was bakeware. In fact, one of the top trending food posts during the entire lockdown was homemade banana bread.

Some people baked for recreation while others made it a side hustle to tide them over until the states reopened. Either way, starting a home-based baking business isn’t as complicated as we were made to believe.

Here are some of the typical myths about it.

Myth #1: You need a large sum of money to use as capital to start and sustain your business.

Sure, any start-up business requires some sort of capital. However, it doesn’t always follow that the bigger the capital, the higher the business’ success rate is.

In the case of home-based baking business, you don’t need an elaborate set-up or the most expensive equipment and bakeware available in the market. While a batter depositor would be a big help in mass production, you can always build your way up to it by making use of what you have on hand.

Most thriving small-to-medium-sized bakeries started with only the bare minimum. As their sales increased over the years and they were able to save up for additional hardware, they grew their businesses to what we know them to be now.

If you think they’re doing good, then chances are, it can also happen to you sans the million-dollar capital.

Status: Debunked!

Myth #2: You need to have formal education in any pastry/baking/culinary course to run a baking business.

While formal training and education do help out a lot, they are not necessary to get a home baking business off the ground.

Thanks to the internet, you now have access to near unlimited sources of information. Tutorials, short courses, online classes, and other means of getting educated and adding on to your knowledge are all at the tip of your fingers.

As long as your products taste amazing and your presentation is outstanding, your customers won’t mind if you don’t have any formal training under an institution.

The key to growing as a baker is to never stop learning. Watch cooking or baking shows that inspire you and get your creative juices flowing. Regularly learn something technical and master it. Follow reputable bakers online. Read articles online or in magazines to get ideas from.

Learning doesn’t have to be expensive. You just need to be dedicated to your craft.

Status: Debunked!

Myth #3: You need to have a degree or at least a background in business or entrepreneurship courses at an institution.

graduating student

Similarly, while a background in business and entrepreneurship can help boost your business and put it in a much better position, it isn’t always a guarantee of success.

Again, for this one, you can easily turn to the internet and learn some tips and tricks in becoming business savvy. A lot of business and entrepreneurial coaches are helping thousands of people online by giving away a vast wealth of information for free.

Follow the right personalities on social media. Subscribe to their channels to get the most from them regularly. Talk to a successful business owner you personally know and ask to be mentored by him or her.

In this day and age, an MBA is no longer a requirement to start a home-based business.

Status: Debunked!

Myth #4: You need to master the skills of sugar art, fondant work, and gum-paste details to meet whatever the client wants.

Almost everyone is now on the decorative-cakes bandwagon. For these people, they believe that for their baking business to be a success, they need to focus only on fondant and themed-cakes believing that this is the only thing that clients want.

The truth is there is a wider market outside of the themed-cake market these bakers are catering to. A lot of people are more interested in quality and flavor, not just eye-candy. At the end of the day, a pastry or cake will have a lasting impact based on how it tastes and not how it looks.

Remember that it is the sense of taste (and smell) that we use in eating, not our sight. No matter how pretty the cake is, if it’s dry and bland, it will be easily forgotten compared to a simple yet flavorful carrot cake.

Status: Debunked!

Cast all your fears and doubts aside. It might not rake in thousands of dollars a week but it doesn’t mean that it won’t be a success. Just keep doing what you love and focus on the quality of your product and you’ll be alright.

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