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Creating a Digital Nomad Haven: What Resorts Can Do

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  • Reliable connectivity, including Wi-Fi and cellular reception, is vital for attracting digital nomads to resorts.
  • Resorts should offer work-friendly features, such as cafes doubling as workspaces, work lounges, and in-room workspaces.
  • Creating a sense of community through social events and online platforms can enhance the attractiveness of resorts.
  • Catering to these needs helps resorts establish themselves as ideal destinations for the fast-growing digital nomad demographic.

Digital nomads represent an excellent demographic for resorts to target. This group’s mobility and flexibility mean they are not limited to visiting during traditional vacation times and can fill rooms during off-peak periods. According to an MBO Partners study, the number of digital nomads in the U.S. rose from 7.3 million to 10.9 million, a growth rate significantly faster than the traditional workforce. Additionally, a survey conducted by Anyplace indicates that 74% of remote workers are willing to travel more now because they can work anywhere. Therefore, attracting digital nomads can lead to increased resort occupancy rates and revenue.

As a result, resorts must do whatever they can to create a digital nomad haven catering to this growing market’s needs and preferences. So, what are some of the things that resorts can do to attract and retain digital nomads? Here are a few steps to consider for creating a digital nomad haven at your resort:

Provide Connectivity

Helping digital nomads connect to work

First and foremost, a robust and reliable internet connection is non-negotiable for digital nomads. Their work relies heavily on connection to communicate with clients, colleagues, or employers. Resorts, especially those in remote areas, must understand that a weak or unreliable connection may deter digital nomads, affecting their occupancy rates.

Wi-Fi Provision

Resorts should ensure high-speed Wi-Fi is available in every corner of the property, from rooms to common areas. Comprehensive Wi-Fi coverage facilitates work and allows guests to stay connected socially, enhancing their overall stay experience. It might benefit resorts to invest in business-grade Wi-Fi services to provide a seamless and uninterrupted connectivity experience for their digital nomad guests.

In-Building Cellular DAS Solutions

An active In-building Cellular Distributed Antenna System (DAS) ;;is another solution that resorts can implement. This system guarantees reliable cellular reception within the resort, which is particularly crucial for resorts located in remote areas where network coverage might be spotty. By installing a DAS solution, resorts ensure that guests can maintain clear and consistent voice, text, and data services, further elevating their experience.

Provide Work-Friendly Features

Co working space in resort

Digital nomads require more than just a comfortable bed and high-speed internet. They need a working environment that is conducive to productivity and creativity. Incorporating work-friendly features transforms a resort from merely a place to sleep into a functional workspace that meets the needs of this remote workforce. Furthermore, these features serve as added incentives, distinguishing a resort from its competitors and making it a more appealing option for digital nomads.

Cafés and Restaurants

Having cafés and restaurants within the resort that double as workspaces can provide a refreshing change of scenery for digital nomads. These spaces should offer a quiet ambiance, comfortable seating, multiple power outlets, and a strong Wi-Fi connection. This allows digital nomads to work while enjoying a coffee or meal and, perhaps, spark creativity and productivity.

Work Lounges and Co-Working Spaces

Resorts can also consider setting up dedicated work lounges or co-working spaces. These spaces should have ergonomic furniture, private cubicles, meeting rooms, and essential office equipment like printers and scanners. By providing a professional work environment within the resort, digital nomads can easily transition from relaxation to work mode, making their stay more productive and satisfying.

In-Room Work Spaces

Of course, their room will always be the most sacred workspace for digital nomads. Resorts can cater to this by offering rooms designed for work, complete with a desk, ergonomic chair, and adequate lighting. This way, digital nomads can comfortably work in their rooms without distractions.

Create a Community

Creating a sense of community is essential for resorts catering to digital nomads. These individuals are often on the move, living and working in different locations, sometimes leading to feelings of isolation. By cultivating a community, resorts can combat this and provide opportunities for networking, collaboration, and socialization, making the resort a more attractive choice for digital nomads.

Resorts can organize social events, workshops, or networking meetups, encouraging interaction among digital nomads. These events break the monotony of work and provide a platform for like-minded individuals to connect, share experiences, and foster meaningful relationships. Various activities could range from local cultural events skill-sharing workshops, to casual get-togethers.

Creating online platforms, such as social media groups or community boards, can foster community. These digital spaces enable nomads to communicate, plan activities, or share helpful resources and tips. Such platforms strengthen connections among guests and serve as a valuable source of information for newcomers.

By establishing a sense of community, resorts can offer more than just rooms and amenities to digital nomads. They provide an experience and a social network, enhancing the resort’s attractiveness as a desirable destination for this growing demographic.

Final Thoughts

Digital nomads are a fast-growing demographic that presents an excellent opportunity for resorts to increase their occupancy rates and revenue. By catering to this group’s unique needs and preferences, resorts can create a haven for digital nomads, making them the go-to destination for remote workers. Offering reliable connectivity, work-friendly features, and a sense of community can help resorts establish themselves as the ultimate digital nomad haven, attracting and retaining this valuable market. So, if you’re a resort owner or manager, don’t miss out on tapping into this growing market and creating a digital nomad haven at your property!

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