Creating a Strong Bond with Your Newborn

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The day has come when you can finally hold your baby. Different emotions overwhelm you. Although you carried this little thing inside you, it is different now. Along with the many challenges of the newborn phase, you should take time to bond with your baby. What are the most effective ways to do this?

Let Them Recognize Something Familiar

Inside your womb, the most that they could recognize out of you was your voice. Thus, when your baby comes out, give them what’s familiar. Talk to them, read bedtime stories for babies, and sing soft lullabies. You might see a sign of recognition when you speak to them. Their eyes may grow big and focus on your face. As days pass by, they will learn to smile at the sound of your voice. Conversations may be one-way for the time being. But studies show that talking to your baby will help them acquire language faster.

Meet Their Most Basic Need

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Feeding is the primary way to meet their needs. Breastfeeding is both relaxing both for the child and the mother. But in cases where breastfeeding is not possible, bottle feeding works well, too. The most important thing is for the baby to know that they are secured.

Do not treat feeding as a chore. Use this time to bond with your baby. Look into their eyes as you feed them. Let them snuggle close to you as they take comfort in your smell and the sound of your heartbeat. All the housework can wait. It is more important to form a strong connection with your newborn.

Be Mindful of Their Cues

Another way to form a strong connection with your baby is to be in tune with their signals. Observe your baby well. Know their cues for hunger, discomfort, or sleepiness. When you have this by heart, your baby will not have to experience serious bouts of crying.

This gives your baby a sense of security. They know that their needs are well-attended to. On the other hand, if you are not aware of their cues, they might feel distressed.

Have Your Touch Speak Volumes

A touch holds a lot of things. Assurance, love, comfort are some of them. Lavish them with touch when you bathe them, rock them to sleep, or bathe them. You can even do some baby massage to further relax them.

Being snuggled close to you reminds them of the time inside the womb. Hold your baby close. You can even try babywearing for added warmth. You can never spoil your baby by always carrying them.

Get Your Partner Involved

Bonding with the baby should not be limited to the mother alone. It is best to have their father start making the same strong connection, too. Take turns in feeding (if bottle-fed), talking, and playing with your newborn. This doubles the sense of security for the baby. This also serves as a good bonding for you as a couple. It is a different thing when you share the wonders and loads of parenthood.

Having a newborn will bring changes in your life. Some parts may be exhausting. But the best moments are that of your newborn learning that you are their safest place.

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