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What are the Best Jobs Your Small Business Should Outsource?

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Small businesses are the backbone of the United States economy, but their limited employee numbers mean they aren’t able to handle as many tasks as their larger counterparts. This is not surprising given that over 5 million small businesses only have 1 to 19 employees. However, some of their tasks are crucial to the survival of a small business. If you run your own small business, you either have to make time for training and room for your budget to hire a new employee or you can just outsource,

Outsourcing is a great way for any small business to save resources and still get crucial work done. According to one survey, as many as 37 percent of all small businesses have outsourced at least one process. Doing so helps keep businesses running smoothly without the need for hiring more employees. Below are the top 5 jobs your small business should be outsourcing.

  1. Finance Investment

Small businesses grow not only through their own profits but also by investing those profits. Unless you have the experience to differentiate the different types of currency pairs out there, you are probably better off outsourcing such complex tasks.

Financial investment specialists are crucial to the expansion of your business because they can tell you what other enterprises to put your money in. With their help, you won’t just continually pour your money back into your business. Instead, you give your resources the chance to grow somewhere else and give you another source of income.

Financial investment experts can also help your employees set up their own accounts as well as provide advice on how to begin a retirement nest egg.

  1. Accounting

Keeping track of your finances and your resources is extremely important, but it can also be very complicated. This is still true even if your company only has a handful of people. When your company only has a handful employees, it may seem too much to hire an accountant to oversee your finances.

But outsourcing an accountant will let you keep an eye on your money without costing as much as a full-time employee. Remember that this works only if you don’t have enough resources or employees to justify hiring a full-time accountant. Once your business is large enough, you should definitely keep accounting strictly in-house.

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  1. Social Media Management

In just a few years, social media presence has become an invaluable asset for every type of business. Effective social media management can boot your sales, let you reach a wider audience and create sufficient awareness of your brand. However, contrary to popular belief, social media management is a full-time job, from coming up with posts and themed hashtags to coordinating different social media accounts. Such a commitment can be difficult for the employees of a small company to meet, which is why you should outsource it.

Look for an outsourcing service with plenty of experience in juggling different social media brands. It’s also crucial that they can match the tone and vocabulary you envision for your brand.

  1. Web Design and Maintenance

Websites are no longer an option for small business but a necessity. A website acts as your digital storefront, letting you sell your merchandise and acquire new customers over the internet. However, the appearance and efficiency of your website will define whether your business will thrive or fail online.

The key to a successful and effective website is great web design and constant maintenance. Once again, the average size of a small business prevents you from simply hiring a web designer. This is a complex job that requires constant supervision. Outsourcing this aspect of your small business will help you focus on production while still keeping your website running smoothly.

  1. Customer Support

Customers will need help with products and services, even after business hours. They may require assistance or need answers to questions. Unless you want to keep a dedicated group of employees awake at all hours, you should outsource your customer support.

Great customer support is a vital cornerstone of every business, helping create a great impression of your company and improve their experience. Plenty of companies and call centers offer 24/hour support for small businesses, letting you respond to your customers’ needs around the clock.

Small businesses don’t have to be restricted by their employee size. Outsourcing allows your company to expand operations, focus on production and improve your services without sacrificing quality or increasing costs. Assess your business today and discover which tasks you can outsource as soon as possible.

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