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Below-the-Line Advertising Techniques

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As a business owner, you are likely familiar with above-the-line (ATL) marketing and advertising efforts pulled off by your favorite ad agency in Salt Lake City. After all, these tactics – television, radio, print ads, among others – are highly visible. Below-the-line advertising (BTL) is often downplayed, however, which is unfortunate, given the benefits they add to any marketing campaign. Here are the most foolproof and effective BTL advertising efforts that you can undertake today; each with a proven track record of success.

Direct Mail

Many have written off direct mail as a relic from the past. Nothing can be further from the truth, however; it is alive and well. Direct mail remains relevant because it stands out among all other efforts, as a more personal form of communication. The key is to make your direct mail efforts appealing, engaging, and timely. Don’t drown out your prospects in big words and information. Stick to the essentials so you ensure that you catch their attention, while also catching their eye with a standout strategy. Time your campaign properly, too, so that you don’t flood your market with direct mailers. Nobody likes a spammy campaign.


Another below-the-line effort that is often relegated to the past, door-to-door is something that is actually far more effective than people think. In a world where convenience is a top priority, many people can no longer be bothered to go out and get what they need. That’s why bringing the services to them is one way to ensure that they get what you’re selling. The trick is not to be obtrusive, however, as some people are quick to complain about annoying salespeople. The trick is, again,  to be relevant and to the point.

Trade Shows

overview of a trade showJoining a trade show has proven one of the most effective methods of connecting with an audience. The great part about trade shows is that they aggregate businesses of the same type and showcase their products and services on offer. You are pretty much guaranteed that those who will attend are already interested in what you offer, to begin with. The key, then, is to stand out. Enlist the help of an advertising professional to plan and prepare. Make sure you have a well-designed booth, as well as great giveaways among other things.

Exterior Location

Finally, you should also consider doing exterior location marketing, like good-old sandwich boards or mascot costumes to draw people from outside into your store. Another idea is to rent out floor space in malls or other public areas and set up a booth, much like you would at a trade show—minus the competition. This brings your products and services out in the open for people to appreciate.

If you’re looking to get a leg up on the competition, you need to hire a great ad agency to represent you. Employ them for the effective combination of ATL and BTL strategies. A skilled, dependable agency will be able to unite these methods in one comprehensive and competitive plan that is innovative and new.

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