Beekeeping Offers More Than Sweet Rewards for Hobbyists

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Beekeeping isn’t just a commercial endeavor; it can also be an excellent choice for a hobby. Beekeeping is an interesting hobby with sweet and green rewards. A lot of people may be uncertain because of their fear of bee stings, but that’s where proper beekeeping gear comes in.

Making sure that you have adequate protective equipment will boost your confidence in handling bees. Whether you’re an aspiring beekeeper, a gardener, or a farmer looking to expand into beekeeping, here are a few things you should remember before you order your bees.

Study bees.

This may be the most important thing you should do before setting up your hive and ordering your bees. Read up as much as you can about taking care of bees, how they behave, how the weather and the seasons may affect them and the production of honey, and everything you can find out about them. It’s recommended to check online and look for books that can help you learn more about bees.

Choose a location.

The location where you set up your hive is also essential; first of all, you might not want to set it up in the middle of the city or even in the suburbs. Rural areas with farmlands are your best bet. Not only do the bees get easy access to flowers and plants for nectar, but they also help to pollinate crops.

If you’re in a suburban area, make sure that you follow local regulations or restrictions regarding beekeeping. You should also consider what your neighbors might feel if you keep bees in your backyard, so it is always best to check before even ordering any equipment and bees.

Expert advice is invaluable.

You should also get in touch with your local beekeeper association. Their expertise and experience will benefit you in starting your first beehive. Joining a beekeeping association also helps you form a connection with a community with similar interests to your own.

Learn to set up your beehive and get proper beekeeping equipment.

Setting up your first beehive can be a bit daunting so a little research before getting your first beekeeping kit will ease some of your worries. A small beekeeping kit is recommended for beginners, as it contains most of what you will need such as protective gear like the veil and gloves, a bee smoker, and a starter hive. Most starter kits do not include the beekeeping suit so you might want to consider that when purchasing your starter kit and gear.

Order your bees.


Now that you have your gear and hive set up, it’s time to order your bees. You have the option of ordering a nucleus which is like a mini or starter hive. A nucleus includes a queen and some workers. You also have the option to order package bees which is more comparable to a full mature colony.

A lot of mail-order and online sellers also provide bee packages. Pricing is competitive for most of them, but you may also want to consider purchasing from your local beekeeping association at it may be a lot cheaper and won’t include any shipping costs.

Final Thoughts on Beekeeping

Beekeeping requires minimal effort but a lot of knowledge. You should make sure that you can tend to your bees regularly, but know it only requires minimal effort to do so.

The upfront costs could reach $500 depending on the starter kit and bees you choose. Your bees can produce honey and wax. Also, your bees help pollinate certain plants and trees, which encourage a healthier environment and increase crop yield.

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