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Basics and Essentials for Trucking

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When a trucker is on the road, hauling can take a toll on his safety. Luckily, with the rise of technology, life has been kinder to the drivers. Truckers don’t have to feel bored or lonely while on long drives; modern technology solved that problem a long time ago.

With their cellphones, assuming that the drivers are using a Bluetooth headset, they can communicate freely with their friends and family while on the road. If they make a stop for the night, they can use their phones or laptops to catch up on the latest movies or TV series.

While all of this is great and all, there are a few other things that truckers should always have with them whenever they leave for the job. Here are some essentials that truckers should always be aware of:

Trip sheet

When truckers are out on the road, they should log everything that happens while on the job. This means they should log the trip details, such as the destination, the cargo they are bringing, the expenses, and others.

Anything that happens during the trip needs to be logged for formal and further documentation. The trip sheet will be a trucker’s reference and insurance for the duration of the job. The trip sheet is also required by the company for their audits and records; the trucker’s pay will also be based on the sheet. So, don’t forget about this important piece of paper.

Personal basics

Extra clothes, personal hygiene kits, medication, and everything’s good, right? Well, not exactly. When truckers are driving, a lot of things can happen and they have to be ready for anything. An emergency sleeping bag and pillow is necessary if they can’t find a truck-stop or motel to sleep in for the night.

In the event of the truck breaking down, some tools and flashlights are needed to fix the problem, granted that the trucker knows how to fix the vehicle. If not, then a cellphone should always be available while on the road.

And lastly, extra food can go a long way especially if the route they are taking is not exactly known for multiple places they can make a stopover for.

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Truck maintenance

Before and after a trip, the truck must be fully inspected by a mechanic or by the trucker if they know how to. This will help prevent any damage and keep the vehicle in tip-top shape.

In certain cases, some adjustments and upgrades can be added such as a battery box under the truck for extra protection and storage. Racks can be also be fitted to the truck for any additional cargo or personal items for storage.

The truck must always be inspected and serviced to make sure it is always operating at its best. One broken piece in the truck while on the road can compromise the whole company’s operation. Whether it is a long trip crossing numerous states or just a short trip across a few towns, truckers must always be ready for whatever happens on the road.

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