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Back to Square One: Switching to a New Career

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Working for a long time in a company that you might have called your second home can sometimes be tiring. Sure, you have your fun and memorable moments, but there will be occasions that your activities become an endless cycle. It happens in a way that you do not notice. The next thing you know, you are stuck in a rut. When stress takes a toll on your mind and body, that’s the time that you know you are off for a change. You know that change can be scary, but it is necessary. The stakes may be high, but remember that the grass on the other side could be greener.

If you are planning to change your career and switch to a new one, there are some things that you need to take into account. That way, the transition will be smooth. Below are some of the things that you may want to take note of:

So what’s next?

The big question mark that you will face is the next step after everything. Are you going to pursue your passion? Are you going to start a business? Either way, know that getting into a new field means that you will need to survey it. You will need to see what you have to have for you to thrive. For one, if you are planning to start a business, getting SME loan approval in Singapore and doing your feasibility study are among many things you need to look into.

Do not quit your day job.

When you finally have your resolve to switch to a new career, you may have the impression that you will need to jump off the ship to swim. But that is not an ideal move. You need to make sure that you have enough resources and that you have some help on the other side. That is one of the best ways to aid your transition.

Invest in new skills

While you are still at your current work, you may want to start investing in new skills for you to catch up when you have made a move. For one, if you are planning to become an independent insurance agent, you may want to acquire sales and presentation skills. Enrol in a class or start watching video tutorials.

Build your network


You will need some help that will welcome you to your new field. This is easily possible when you have built your network. Start meeting potential partners at conferences and trade shows. Who knows, you may find your mentor there.

Change is scary. But it is good, especially if you are doing it for the better. This is something that you should ponder on when you find yourself stuck in a rut and you are looking for new meaning in work and life. When you have a new career to switch to, you will want to make sure that the facilitation of such a move will be good. A proper plan will always be necessary so that things will move smoothly.

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