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A Sound Investment: Blurring the Lines between Passion and Business

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People have different interests and ambitions. For those who have the entrepreneurial spirit and are successful at their ventures, it seems like they have a knack for knowing if a product will be successful or not. They know where to distribute their investments just like true ECN brokers, and they do not necessarily have to be experts in the field to do that. Then there are others who are not inherently inclined in creating a business but are successful in doing so based on what they know best. These are the people who are able to capitalize on their passion and are making a killing in the marketplace. What are the traits that make them successful?

Put the Money Where Your Mouth Is

They say if you walk the walk, then you have to talk the talk. Having excellent communication or negotiation skills is key to becoming a successful businessman. Some just happen to be born with it. You can throw every topic you want at them, and they certainly will give you a presentation that will hold your interest. A large part of that is their confidence. If you muster enough courage and bravery, you can make yourself look like an expert on things to anyone. But not all people have that gift.

Some rely on their true expertise to convince people to like their offering. For example, you most likely will not be an effective car salesman if you know absolutely nothing about cars. But if you have extensive knowledge about it, you would be able to talk on and on about the subject in great detail without showing any cracks on your facade.

Credibility is Key

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When you have an aura of confidence, people will sense it, and they will buy into what you are showcasing them. You also gain that trait when you know your product through and through, and also believe in it. If you have even an ounce of doubt, it will show, and people will be able to pick up on it. When that happens, expect them to move away from you. But that should not be the case if you really think that you have something innovative or transformational. That will give you credibility because you truly know and care about the merits of your product, and you are not focusing on making a quick buck.

Finding Your Niche

Having a hobby or an interest means that you also know about the trends and audience behind it. It does not matter if that is something that the mainstream crowd knows or if it falls under a niche. Even though the latter means that you will be part of a small market, expect to have a loyal following there. It is like marketing to a few people, but you have a good chance of convincing a large percentage of them to do business with you. A scenario that best exemplifies this is when you are selling food. Salad may be a tough sell to a large group of people who are used to eating full meals. In fact, you could even end up having zero sales. But if you stumble upon a small group of vegetarians, there’s a chance you can sell all of what you have.

Finding your niche then is you discovering a company of like-minded people who you can connect and do business with.

Who says that you cannot mix your passion with business? Some of the most successful businesses are from leaders that have a vision and have a good grasp of what is happening in the industry they chose. If you know that what you can offer to people is something special, give it a shot. It may be the success of the future.

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