Saving Two Fully Laden Jumbo Jets Worth of Material

Waste Prevention Intervention (Lean and Green) at the World’s Largest Sandwich Factory


The Client

A Greencore Food to Go Manton Wood factory is the world’s largest and most sophisticated sandwich manufacturing facility, producing more than three million sandwiches every week for supermarkets, convenience stores, garage forecourts and coffee shop chains. Greencore Manton Wood produces both own label and branded sandwiches which are available nationwide and are delivered to customers 7 days a week, either directly (through Greencore’s own delivery network) or indirectly (through their customer’s distribution networks).

The Approach

The intervention was led by Keivan Zokaei who is an experienced lean and green advisor to a number of multinational food and drinks manufacturers and retailers. First of all a team of senior and middle managers were assembled from across the whole site. The intervention team began by looking at waste at a very high level through the creation of a mass balance (or system boundary map) of all inputs and outputs. This allowed the entire site to understand the opportunity for improvement from both financial and environmental points of view. The intervention team then explored the key hotspots (the points at which most physical wastes accrue) along the end to end process by populating a big picture map (or a green impact matrix). A series of improvement projects were developed as a result.

The Results

  • The intervention team managed to implement changes that are projected to save nearly 950 tonnes of waste in annualised terms. This is the equivalent of 5 million (190g) sandwiches, 680 mini cooper cars, 24 fully loaded 40-tonne lorries, or, 2 fully laden jumbo jets.
  • A daily waste removal meeting has been implemented to ensure that the gains are sustained and that new opportunities for improvement are exploited.


Full case study can be downloaded here: Case_Study_28Feb2013


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