Saving the equivalent of 4.5 million bottles of milk

Read about the Waste Prevention Project in one of Europe’s largest dairies belonging to ARLA Foods, where the lean & green intervention saved waste equal to 4.5 million bottles of milk.


The Client

Arla Foods UK plc supplies a full range of fresh dairy products to the major retailers and foodservice customers. Arla has the UK dairy industry’s largest milk pool, comprising of 3,200 farmers spread throughout the country. Arla is home to some of the UK’s leading dairy brands, such as Cravendale, Anchor, Lurpak and Tickler. Not only is Arla the UKs largest dairy company, by turnover and milk pool, it is the also top supplier of both butter and spreads and cheese in the country.

The Approach

The intervention team began by looking at waste at a very high level through the creation of a mass balance (or system boundary map) of all inputs and outputs. This allowed the entire site to understand the opportunity for improvement from both financial and environmental points of view. The intervention team then explored the key hotspots (the points at which most physical wastes accrue) along the end to end process by populating a big picture map (or a green impact matrix). A series of improvement projects were developed as a result.

The Results

  • Changes were made that are projected to save more than 2,600 tonnes of waste in milk equivalent terms on annualised project basis. This is the equivalent of around 4.5 million average retail size bottles of milk or 83 fully loaded 30 ton lorries or 5 fully laden jumbo jets.
  • The team now fully versed on the A3 technique


Download the full case study here.

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