Lean & Green Workshop, 17th and 18th September 2015

Discount available if booking for 3 or more.

17th and 18th September 2015, Venue tbc (will be held at a suitable company site)

£625 per person. Early bird by 1st June 2015 at £375.

If you want to become greener, you can just focus on profit. Even better, if you want to become radically more profitable you need to do precisely the same things you would do if you were scared to death about climate change. Lean and green is about a new way of thinking. To do a lot more with a lot less, to boost your improvement efforts and to create a positively charged work environment. Its about unlocking the greatest profit potential in your company.

Workshop Benefits

  • To learn from leading companies how to become radically more profitable by going lean and green
  • To unlock the greatest profit potential in your company by a systematic combination of lean and green solutions
  • To be introduced to tools and techniques developed for lean and green and their benefits
  • To start planning your lean and green journey

Like lean thinking, greening your business is not just a “nice to have”—it is now “must have”. It is a key economic driver for many forward-looking firms. This workshop is an opportunity to learn from leading organisations who have realised synergies between lean and green and understand how to expand the lean and continuous improvement concepts and tools to boost innovation for a greener and more profitable future for your business.Case studies are from a diverse set of industries including retail, service, manufacturing, food and drinks and automotive. Companies such as WalMart, Tesco, Toyota, Adnams, Marks and Spencer, GE, GM, and MAS. This event will explore the synergy between the 8 lean wastes and 8 green wastes. However, it extends well beyond tools and techniques, and looks at the real Toyota way.


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