Lean and green business systems, which benefit large corporations, like Toyota, also help small businesses reap increased profits

What’s behind our Green Doors?*

Lean and green business systems, which benefit large corporations, like Toyota, also help small businesses reap increased profits.

Creative use of resources not only saves money, it enhances company character!

An example from our family-owned security door and door hardware company involves repurposed doors. Our Door Division houses
• a commercial wood and hollow metal door & frame warehouse,
• welding / grinding / cutting fabrication areas,
• and office areas for project managers, who work with huge blueprints when specifying doors and security hardware for schools, hospitals and large office buildings.

Instead of purchasing standard desks, we put solid slab wood doors on slanted desk frames. The “door desks” are larger than standard desks, they cost us less, and they communicate the essence of our company.


Green doors, in a somewhat more literal sense, can be found in our door warehouse. A few years ago, we sought, and earned, certification as a Chain-of-Custody (COC) distributor for Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) wood door products.

Chain-of-Custody is a quality assurance to customers that wood products have positive environmental attributes backed by a global system of verification. From the forest, to the manufacturer, to the distributor, to the end-user, there is a documented chain-of-custody. The mission of the FSC is to promote environmentally appropriate, socially beneficial, and economically viable management of the world’s forests.
Schools and hospitals, in particular, have realized the long-term benefits of going green. And both customer groups rely on Anderson Lock to supply doors and hardware that meet LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certified, eco-friendly specifications.
Our small business impacts green construction, or sustainable building, throughout the entire world, by supporting the initiatives of LEED and FSC.

To increase our energy efficiency, we
• replaced some of our older, larger service trucks with smaller, energy-efficient vehicles,
• replaced all existing light bulbs with energy-efficient light bulbs; and
• replaced heating / air conditioning systems in both buildings.

Manuel's truck

Door hardware removed from customers’ doors is discarded in a separate container and taken to a metal recycler. At our Door Division, there is enough scrap metal for pickup each week by a refining company, and we recycle six to eight tons of paper and cardboard per year. Electronic equipment goes to the folks at eScrap.

Because we provide locksmith service to commercial and institutional customers throughout the Chicago area, we also invested in a computer map program to route service calls more efficiently. We replaced our aged phone system with multi-level, high-tech phones, which promote productivity by reducing time spent holding, transferring, and directing calls. And, we’ve added more efficient material handling and fabricating equipment at the Door Division.

Greening a small business requires reinvestment in physical systems, involving employees in decision-making, and communicating strategies and vision. But being lean and green gains a competitive edge, strong employee loyalty, and customer respect.

Commitment to saving our planet stands behind our green doors!


* “(The) Green Door” is a 1956 popular song with music composed by Bob Davie and lyrics written by Marvin Moore. The lyrics describe the allure of a mysterious private club with a green door, behind which “a happy crowd” play piano, smoke and “laugh a lot”, and inside which the singer is not allowed. [Wikipedia]

Written by Kathi Bradbury Frelk, Marketing, Anderson Lock, www.andersonlock.com

Anderson Lock is a sales and service, commercial / institutional door opening supplier, with emphasis on doors, frames, security hardware and electronic access controls.

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