Danish Lean & Green Network is Launched


Mandag Morgen (Monday Morning) has recently introduced a new network called Lean&Green that I believe is within your interest. In the following you can read more about the network as well an analysis that will be published in the next issue of Navigation. You can also find information about the network here: mm.dk/lean-green


Lean & Green Network

This Network is the first Lean & Green network in Denmark and is established in cooperation with the British consultancy SA Partners.


Through hands on and profound coaching from the experts of SA Partners, the network will explore various perspectives and possibilities Lean & Green in Denmark.


The members of this network are leaders on both a corporate- and employee level, that are operating or have the desire to work in a strategic and innovative approach with environment- and resource efficiency.

This includes employees with responsibility within Lean and/or environment/sustainability in both private and public organisations.


The membership includes 4 annual workshops of a day’s length as well as access to Mandag Morgen’s comprehensive database with a large amount of analysis and articles on new economic-, technological- and social trends that have tremendous effect on the global competitiveness and the social welfare.


The first workshop takes place in October. Through the 4 meetings the members will be guided and educated in how to develop a Lean & Green business model that are based upon the tools described by SA Partners and the book Creating a Lean & Green Business System by the American GreenBizz guru, Hunter Lovin.



The Lean & Green network is the first within this field in Denmark. This provides you and your organisation with the opportunity to be among the frontrunners within this new mindset which is predicted to be focal in the future global competitiveness.



Program for the first 4 workshops


Workshop 1

October 2013

Resource-  and environment efficiency as a competitive model.

This will involve a introduction to the concept of Lean & Green and which opportunities a globally leading organisation will be able to gain from it. Based upon years of experience from international consulting, SA Partners will provide you with answers on what Lean & Green is, why an organisation should focus on this, and where and how to start the process. Besides this, the first workshop will focus on mapping down the member’s interests and expectations on Lean &Green in order to plan the future workshops.


Workshop 2

January 2014

From Lean to Lean & Green

Lean & Green is more than just adding green KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) to the lean machine.

Two cultures and two set of competences must co-operate on common goals and one strategy. On this workshop we will focus on how an organisation that mainly focuses on the lean concept can develop into a Lean & Green organisation. What must be done? What should the organisation learn? And how does the organisation get started?


Workshop 3

March 2014

From Green to Lean & Green

This workshop will focus on the opposite of the previous; how can an organisation that mainly focuses on the green aspect develop into a Lean & Green organisation. What must be done? What should the organisation learn? And how does the organisation get started? The objective is to make the concept of Green measurable and to discuss methods on how systematic improvements within the environment can become a value-creating activity for the organisation.



Workshop 4

May 2014

Consolidation and next step.

The aim of this workshop is to summarise, discuss and consolidate what we have learned on the previous workshops. What has been most crucial or important for the members? What is the next step for the members?  And how do the members develop from this stage?



Workshop 1 and 4 will most likely take place on Mandag Morgen’s address: Valkendorfsgade 13, København K. The alternative will be on another location on the Copenhagen area.


Workshop 2 and 3 will most likely take place at one of the members of the organisation. The aim is to look at actual case- stories among the members, relevant for the different themes. Thus, the workshop will be introduced with a brief explanation on how the organisation is working towards establishing Lean & Green.



The workshops are held in Danish and besides this, the case-stories on workshop 1 and 2 and the networking among the members will be in Danish.

The teaching and on the various workshops and technical discussions on the Lean & Green concept, performed by Peter Hines and other employees from SA Partners, will be held in English.

Mandag Morgen will make sure that SA Partners are updated on the content within the Danish sessions.



Price for the membership

Private organisations: 29.990 DKK per person ex. VAT

Public organisations 19.990 DKK per person ex. VAT



Sign up:

Email jil@mm.dk

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