Ebly Sanchez, Director Volvo Production System at Volvo Group comments about Toyota Monozukuri

Editorial board member of the Lean Management Journal Ebly Sanchez, of Volvo Group, shares his thoughts about
Keivan Zokaei’s article “Monozukuri: Toyota going green”, which first appeared in the October issue of LMJ.


On Toyota’s Monozukuri

In his article, Dr Zokaei provided a very interesting perspective on the environmental policies of Toyota. The green side of the Toyota Production System has attracted much less attention than the lean side. It is about time that we learnt about the car-maker’s holistic approach to manufacturing and the concept of monozukuri.

Lean Likes Green

Lean is about companies embracing change to reduce waste in how they produce a product or service. It engages and empowers employees to develop and implement ideas and requires a culture of continuous improvement. Companies that adopt “lean and green manufacturing” are embracing the environment as well as change itself, and starting
down a path towards more efficient processes, less waste of all kinds, and empowered innovative employees. Going green can be a tremendous motivator for lean, and going lean will become much easier if you connect it to going green.
Dr Zokaei describes very well the strong interaction between Toyota’s lean corporate values and the way to continuously improve the processes and in turn the perf ormance. Toyota has become the benchmark for success in auto production and profitability. Its success in the h ybrid market, only its latest milestone, shows an integration of stateof-the-art technology and its world-famous lean manufacturing expertise.


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