Creating new ways for profitable sustainability


Creating new ways for profitable sustainability requires participation from the best. For the first time a number of leading edge companies and thought leaders have come together to share their knowledge and best practice across different industry sectors. The Lean and Green Consortium, is now established with participation from companies such as Nike, Adnams, Mars, Vale, Accolade Wines, Toyota, Mantaline Corporation, Sakab and several other industry leaders.

  • The consortium is a selective and global group of industry leaders, from noncompeting companies, currently leading the way in creating leaner and greener business practices. The group comes together at least four times per year to share knowledge and insights about progress in different sectors. Moreover, the members actively participate in online information exchanges.
  • The vision of the consortium is to create a suitable environment for leaders and their teams to learn from each other, to access the cutting edge of knowledge and to implement and share best practices.
  • The focus is on building relationships and to form a progressive community of practitioners. Membership is by organization.
  • The member organizations observe the “Chatham House” rule whereupon all participants are free to use the information received, but neither the identity nor the affiliation of the member whom shared the information may be revealed to the outside world, unless their consent is obtained. The aim is to enhance the openness of the discussions.

On 8th October the group met in Southwold, UK to learn from Adnams. Adnams CEO, Dr. Andy Wood, OBE explained company’s journey and how principles of lean and green thinking have boosted company’s profitability for decades. Since this was the consortium’s first ever Gemba Exchange, participants spent some time discussing about the consortium’s structure, vision and activities over the next 12 months. There will be four Gemba Exchanges per year, development of a bespoke lean & green roadmap for each member, on-site Gemba coaching and an ongoing online forum as well as a number of other membership benefits.

To join this new exciting network, or to find out more you can download the brochure, visit the consortium webpage and contact The lean and green consortium is governed a by its board of directors, currently consisting of Dr. Zokaei (Director), Dr. Wood of Adnams PLC (Chairman of the board) and Professors  Peter Hines and Hunter Lovins.

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