Creating a Lean and Green Business System looks closely at the role of progressive companies in rising to today’s sustainability challenges.  It provides a sharp, evidence-based celebration of some of the best companies out there today, contributing more than their fair share to the pursuit of a more sustainable world.” – from the Foreword by Jonathon Porritt, Advisor to Prince of Wales


This is an incredible guide book for the why’s and how’s of Lean and Green.   The chapters about Adnams, Tecso, and Marks and Spencer provide exceptional accounts of the possibilities that await those who venture into the unchartered waters of seeing systems and not parts.” Bill Bellows, Pratt & Whitney and In2in Thinking Institute.


Reflecting on the book ‘Creating a Lean and Green Business Systems: Techniques for Improving Profits and Sustainability’ describing how Mr Ford and Mr Toyoda came up with the original idea of “LEAN management”, to improve manufacturing processes, it is apparent that the systems have gone far beyond the original concept now reflecting Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) that extends to sustainability and environmental awareness. Regardless what size organisation you work in today, every individual, either wittingly or unwittingly, has a sense of corporate responsibility and has been touched by these principles. Due to economic changes LEAN has been adjusted to suit the current times we live in. Not only does LEAN cover all the aforementioned things it also aids cost efficiencies. Simple things mentioned in the book such as turning lights off have been embedded deep into the culture of organisations across time. What began as the core principles to ensure best business practice into processes for manufacturing has now progressed into the heart of organisations requiring employee engagement at every level“. Karen Hester, Operations Director at Adnams Plc and winner of “First Women” 2013 business award


“This book is great at showing the importance and value of bringing green and lean together as one holistic approach, not separate or conflicting initiatives. I personally enjoyed reading about the four detailed case studies, and learning about new tools and approaches to use, in order to help companies identify and eliminate green wastes. Lots of great quotes and supporting research“. Brion Hurley, Lean Sigma Black Belt at Rockwell Collins


“This  book is informative, very well structured and builds a compelling business   case for running sustainable businesses. The Adnams case study was   particularly interesting.”Clement Daudy, Fund Manager at Ecofin


“Really enjoyed reading this book. Very informative and full of great case examples. Thoroughly recommend it.” Chris Butterworth, President NSW  Association of Manufacturing Excellence (AME)



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