Webinar Sponsored by the Australia Food and Grocery Council

This Webinar is designed to share thought leadership in the area of Lean and Green. It is suitable for all business executives, CSR managers and continuous improvement managers. The Webinar takes an innovative perspective on a topical issue.

Hosted by Dr. Keivan Zokaei, the webinar provides a fuller view of the research findings presented in the book: Creating a Lean and Green Business System co-authored by Keivan Zokaei, Hunter Lovins, Andy Wood and Peter Hines.



  • To learn why “environment is free” is the next industrial revolution, the same way “quality is free” concept shaped our world today.
  • Learn how leading companies such as Toyota, Tesco, Unilever, M&S and many more become lean, green and profitable simultaneously
  • To understand the benefits of a systematic combination of lean and green solutions. One of the biggest opportunities missed by businesses today.
  • To be introduced to tools, techniques and solutions developed for lean and green and their potential benefits
  • To start planning your lean and green journey towards radical improvements across your entire business.

Download the Webinar recording and presentation slides

For further information contact Keivan Zokaei or visit the Lean & Green page to find out more about our Lean and Green offering

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