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GA 024 | Lean and Green with Keivan Zokaei

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Today’s guest is Keivan Zokaei, a UK-based author and consultant. Keivan is a pioneer in the lean and green movement. In this episode we explore what exactly “lean and green” means, and how to bring environmentally-friendly practices to your workplace.

To hear the podcast just press the “Play” button at the top of this post. An MP3 version is also available for download here and a downloadable PDF transcript of the interview can be found here.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • Keivan’s lean and continuous improvement background (3:21)
  • The quotation that most inspires Keivan…think Deming (5:23)
  • Why lean is not innately green (5:55)
  • What it takes to make your business lean and green (8:26)
  • Practical examples of lean and green in action (9:45)
  • Why many companies don’t adopt a lean and green philosophy (14:27)
  • How you can learn about the lean and green movement (17:31)
  • Keivan’s definition of “Respect for People” (19:51)
  • Keivan’s take on the phrase “Kaizen Culture” (21:30)
  • The best advice Keivan has ever received (22:17)
  • Keivan’s personal productivity habit (24:25)
  • Keivan’s final words of wisdom (30:41)

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